Leslie Howard, David Niven, Rosamund John. Leslie Howard, in his last screen appearance, plays visionary aircraft designer R.J. Mitchell. This powerful war drama tells the story of Mitchell's struggle against opposition to develop his revolutionary fighter design and eventually his own failing health. Together with test pilot Geoffrey Crisp (David Niven) Mitchell succeeds in getting his inspirational design into production. The Spitfire was the most successful warplane of its generation; the very symbol and image of British pride and power, as the killer fighter of the decisive air battle of World War 2, the Battle of Britain. (114 minutes - Black & White) PLUS DOCUMENTARY R.J. Mitchell - Aircraft Designer - 26 minutes (This documentary is an edited version of The Spitfire Story which is also available from DigiComTV). The Spitfire was the plane that nobody wanted. It was turned down by the British Government, by industry and even by the Royal Air Force, when the design was first presented to them. This documentary tells the entire story of this remarkable airplane and its designer, R.J. Mitchell, from its inception to its great triumphs in battle during WWII. 

1 x 140 min
Feature Film
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