John Wayne, Gail Russell, Jane Russell, Jack Beutel. Angel and The Badman (1947) was the first film that John Wayne produced and also starred in. Gunman Quint Evans (John Wayne), badly injured, arrives at a farm owned by a Quaker family. With their help he recovers and forms a relationship with Penelope Worth (Gail Russell) who introduces him to Quaker values. At first Quint has difficulty understanding their ideas but gradually he begins to embrace their more compassionate lifestyle. The infamous western adventure The Outlaw (1943) is loosely based on the story of Pat Garrett (Thomas Mitchell) and Billy The Kid (Jack Beutel). The Outlaw became one of the most controversial films of the 40s, originally banned for several years because of its explicit content; it was eventually released with extensive cuts to meet censorship requirements. Howard Hughes capitalised on the ban, together with provocative images of 19-year-old Jane Russell, to very successfully achieve record audiences almost everywhere it was finally screened. 

1 x 211 min
Feature Film
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