In the Cards
3 x 20'


CASSANDRA, a quirky, gifted 32-year-old Tarot-reader and IAN, a 37-year-old, insecure fashion designer struggle to survive as they collide with an enigmatic talent agency led by European Oligarchs who promise you the world as they plot their dark, secret agenda.  

Tripping The Rift - The Movie
1 x 75'



As Chode and the crew work on their latest kronig-making scheme, (a “princess protection” racket), they are unaware that a cyborg killing machine, the “Chode-Eraser”, has been sent back in time by Bobo to eliminate the copulating captain before he can do the dirty deed.

Tripping The Rift
39 x 30'


This sexy, 3D-HD sci-fi satirical spoof follows the adventures of Captain Choad and his conflicted crew.

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