52 x 11'


Jack is a small alien who finds everything on Earth fascinating. Spurred on by his insatiable need to learn about creatures and phenomena from Earth and outer space, Jack boldly yet recklessly guides his alien friends through some tricky adventures.


Lotus and Cali
12 x 5'


Join Lotus and Cali as they embark on a series of vividly imaginative adventures. Each episode is an opportunity for these friends to explore a new universe inspired by a particular literary genre, which they do with an infectious enthusiasm.

Super Plex
S01: 26 x 1' | S02: 13 x 1'


Super Plex is a cucumber like no other. He dreams of being a real superhero. And he is ready to work very hard to get there, despite the pitfalls often related to his physique. Indeed, its oblong shape is not the most practical when you must act quickly, discreetly and with precision!

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