The House of Science
22 x 5'


(EDUCATIONAL YOUTH SERIES) - Why is the sky blue? What does DNA mean? How can planes fly? Why are boats floating? This series is dedicated to children (but not only) and answers 22 scientific questions.

Star Dust
1 x 45'


When the star dust supply which gives Santa’s sleigh its magic speed is destroyed by an evil fairy, how will Santa be able to deliver all the presents?

46 x 12'


Life can be messy. And sometimes it’s downright gross ~ runny noses, throwing up in class, warts, and lunches that if left too long in the fridge end up looking and smelling like a science experiment. Fortunately for us, there’s something we can do!

Art with Mati and Dada
39 x 7.5'


This wonderful animated series is a fun and imaginative introduction to art for budding artists everywhere!

Les Amis d'Axelle (Axelle's Friends)
80 x 3'


Axelle has very passionate friends! 

Through personal friends, Axelle proposes the discovery of sporting, cultural and educational experiences. 

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